How to upload a video to YouTube outside of Mobile Inspector



If you are experiencing issues uploading videos directly from the Mobile Inspector app, you can use the following steps to upload the video from your iPhone.


  • First, make sure that you have allowed Mobile Inspector to access your photo album.  Go to Settings on your phone or iPad and select Privacy and then Photos.  Find MobileInspect in the list and select “On”.
  • Do your inspection as you normally would and after you have “Finished Off” instead of uploading your video, click on Edit Video.



On the bottom left hand side of the screen, select “Stitch”, once the video is stitched, you can then save it to your photo album/camera roll.  To do this, near the top right corner of the screen, select the “share” icon (box with arrow) and select “Copy Stitched Video to Camera Roll”.




Once copied, you can click the back button and finish submitting your inspection.  Once the inspection is submitted, go to your Photos/Camera Roll and find the video you just saved.  Click to open and again, select the “share” icon (box with arrow) and select YouTube.  **If it asks you to sign in with your username, it may give you the username/password error as well, if you use your email address associated with your YouTube account instead of the username, it will log you in (this does not work via the Mobile Inspector App).




You will need to enter a title, it should include [Year] [Make] [Model] [Trim Level] [CIty] [State/Province] [Stock #], example:  2000 Buick Century Deluxe Edmonton AB P34B2.  Make sure to select Autos & Vehicles, enter a brief description and a few tags if desired and click “Publish” when completed.




Now that you have submitted your video to your YouTube account you will need to access your YouTube account online and find the video you just uploaded.  You need to do this to get the video ID# associated with the video.  You will then manually add this to the record on the cDemo dashboard.  The ID# is located at the end of the URL which is located in the address bar of your browser. 




Copy or take note of everything after the = sign, that is the Video ID#.  (


Go to and log into the dashboard, from the home page click on Mi Stuff à Records à Available. 

Find the record you wish to add the video to and click on the edit button or click on the record title to edit.



By default, it should open to the “Record Info” tab, if not, select that tab.  Scroll down until you see “Youtube Video Id”.  You will need to add the Youtube video ID into this field that you copied in the steps above. 




Once you add the ID#, the Youtube Watch URL and Youtube Embedded URL will populate with the full url for that video.



Click on “Update Record” at the bottom and the video has now been added.  You can double check by clicking on the Virtual Brochure to see the video.



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