New Edit Answers Feature in the cDemo Dashboard

New feature added to the cDemo Dashboard

In an effort to continually upgrade our platform and enhance our users’ experiences, we have improved the edit answer feature located inside the cDemo dashboard. You now have the ability to easily edit any and all data points that were captured during the collection process including photos, damage, options, tire make, etc.

In order to edit any values that were submitted during the collection process, users can now select the vehicle they wish to edit by clicking on the pencil icon located  below the vehicle descriptor on the dashboard.

Once inside the record that you wish to edit, click on the “Edit Answers” tab.


Under the Edit Answers tab, you will see a list of all data points for each record. To edit an answer, click on the stage that you wish to edit, then on the individual data point. You can edit any answer, photo or value that was created during the collection process.

Once the changes have been made to the answer, click on the Save button and your changes will be saved to the record. You can then make any additional changes needed or go back to all of your available records. We hope that this enhancement will only add to the ease at which you merchandise your vehicles. Thank you for being a valued client. For additional information about editing your records, please contact us via email at


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