New Update to the cDemo Dashboard - Kijiji leads now in ADF and New Audit Trail

New Feature added to the cDemo Dashboard

Kijiji Update (Canadian Customers Only)

Canadian clients who list their vehicles on Kijiji can now receive leads from Kijiji in ADF format! You will notice a change in your Kijiji Template, instead of "Kijiji Account Email", you will now see "Primary Kijiji Account Email" and "Email for ADF Function". If you do not wish to take advantage of receiving Kijiji leads in ADF format, you will not have to make any adjustments, your lead email address will be set in the Primary Kijiji Account Email field. If you do wish to receive your Kijiji leads in ADF format, contact

Audit Trail (All Customers)

All Mobile Inspector users now have the ability to keep an audit trail of their records. Users can now access all the edited data for each record on your dashboard. Users also have the ability to download the the edited information into a CSV file that can be easily managed.To view your edited records, simply select a vehicle from the available records page of your dashboard. Once inside the selected record, you will see a button that indicated how many edits have been performed to that record. Click on the button to access all of the edited data.

The edited information will display in a new window. Users have the ability to filter the edited info by user if multiple users have edited the data. Users can also download the this info into a CSV file by clicking on the "Download Report CSV" button.


For additional information, please contact our support team via email at or by phone at 888-449-4634 ext 3.


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