How to Report iPhone or iPad App Crash Logs

Follow these screen shots to get crash logs and email to cDemo Support.

Some of our users have reported some issues with the Mobile Inspector app crashing on them. In order for us to improve the app and ensure that this does not happen again, please use the instructions below to locate the crash log from your device. Once you locate the crash log, please email it to

The first step to locate your crash log is to go into your settings and tap on the "General" button


Once in the "General" settings page, tap on the "About" button.



From the "About" page, the next step is to tap on the "Diagnostic & Usage" button.


Once on the "Diagnostic & Usage" page, please tap on the "Diagnostic and Usage Data" to access the crash logs.



Once on the "Diagnostic and Usage Data" page, tap on the "LatestCrash-MobileInspector" button to locate the crash log.



Now you have successfully located the crash log for Mobile Inspector. In order to email the log to the cDemo Support Team, you will need to copy the information and paste it into an email. To copy the crash log, press and hold down on the screen for two seconds. Then, tap "Select All" and then tap "Copy" to copy all of the information.


Once the information has been copied, exit settings and draft a new email. Please send the email to The email subject line should be titled "Crash Log for [Your Name and cDemo Username]". Paste the copied crash log information into the body of the email by pressing and holding on the screen for two seconds. Then tap on the "Paste" button to paste the information into the body of the email.


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