New, Improved cDemo Dashboard Now Available!

As you can now see, a redesigned and updated cDemo Dashboard is now deployed! While the overall concept of the Dashboard remains similar to the previous version, allowing users to access, edit and manage their Records, there are some changes and new functions: 

  • New Look & Format: The overall look and User Interface of the Dashboard has been updated and changed, with a more intuitive and user-friendly menu system and functions
  • Support for Multiple Products: New functionality for Multiple Products, outside of the previously supported Automobile Product, has been added. On some pages, you will now see a "Product Selector" box at the top right of the page which allows you to switch between Products if you have access to more than just one
  • Share Page: The Share page now allows you to easily see and manage where your Records are being sent, with a Summary view for each Place your Records are exported to. By clicking any individual status in any Summary View for a particular Place, you will now also be able to see the corresponding Records at the bottom of the page.
  • Records Overview Page: The Records Overview page has changed significantly in appearance, but still has the basic functions you are used to.
  • Settings and Account Access: The "Admin" menu has been removed and functions formerly present under the Admin menu can now be accessed from icons located on the right side of each page header. Icons include "Create Record" (formerly "QuikPost"), System Settings, Account Settings, Help & Support and a new "Notifications" function as well as an indicator showing the quantity of Records remaining that are allowed to be completed in your monthly subscription.

To view a video tutorial that covers the majority of the changes made to the new dashboard, please click the link below.

New cDemo Dashboard Overview

This a quick summary of the changes present on the new cDemo Dashboard! If you have any questions or would like to schedule a training session that will provide more detail about the new Dashboard, please contact the cDemo Support Team via email at or  by phone at 888-449-4634 x3.


Adam Thrasher | COO

cDemo Mobile Solutions


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